• WGSN's colour

    Pantone Color Institute announced its 2022 “Color of the Year,” called Living Coral. Proving to be a dynamic colour in both street and runway styles, Living Coral is fresh and vibrant. With a natural golden undertone it complements all skin tones and can be used as a statement piece or opt for a more subtle monochrome crystal frame and tonal lenses combo.

    Use fresh tones of Neo Mint, WGSN’s colour of A/W 22/23, honeycomb, orchid flower, jade, lazuli blue, dark oak for subtle tinted lenses or milky crystal frame.

  • Sunglasses Wearing

    As much as we love to be out in the sun, it is important to take care of our skin and eyes. The skin around the eye area is even more sensitive and fragile than the skin on our face. Wearing sunglasses, especially when there is a lot of sun exposure, will help to prolong the aging of the skin as well as reducing the risk of skin cancer.

  • Glasses/Optical Categories

    We ,eyewear manufactures, offer several glasses/optical and material categories that will be able to satisfy a variety of client demographics. Our products and materials include:

    PC / METAL Fashion Sunglasses
    3C (Bluetooth Glasses) Optical Glasses
    tR90 / CX Safety Glasses
    RA30 / Acetate Reading Glasses
    rPET / rPCTG

  • Sports sunglasses / Ski goggles /PPE

    Whether you’re a first-time or a professional skier/Surfer /operator, a pair of good goggles are needed. A pair that will last you at least a few consecutive seasons and protect you from wind, snow, impact, dust,mists, splashes and harmful UV rays.

    Good goggles are tight-fitting eye protection. Contact us if you needed.

  • Happy National Eye Health Week (NEHW)

    Now that Autumn is halfway gone — we’re willing to bet that you are making the most for your vacation, weekend getaways, even drag the occasional day trip to that charming town. Let’s discover how smart glasses can make the most of your Autumn vacations in today’s article.

  • Production

    We have the ability to produce products through a variety of methods. We evaluate our clients’ needs in terms of quality, cost, and speed of production and offer the best possible production methods to satisfy those needs.

    Furthermore, we have passed and currently hold an array of audit certifications which showcase our demand for high standards of production.

  • Quality Standards

    Miles team is characterized by “professional, international and market-oriented”, and has top-of -the-line equipment for prototyping, engineering verfication and high-precision molding.

    Miles-Spectacle frame manufactures have annual development  reach over 1000 sytles, which are in categories of different injection, acetate, stainless steel, etc.